Why Politics Matters

Hartosh Singh Bal

Ideas do not count for much. You might hate this but you better lump it. For it really is the will of the people. Of those who count, not the ones we hear in TV studios. Not People Like Us

Where Every Risk is an Opportunity

How China is using curiosity of the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ to spy electronically on democracy supporters—even in India

The Fragile Future of Egypt

Cries for freedom are welcome, but will Islamist forces allow true democracy in the Arab world?


Photographers, artists and writers from across the world come together in this book to discuss the erosion of democracy and shrinking of freedom

Non Argumentative Indians

If you expect youngsters in Parliament to rejuvenate Indian democracy, prepare for disappointment. Their record so far offers no inspiration.

We the People

60 years ago, we adopted the Constitution and became a Republic. Presenting excerpts from some Constituent Assembly debates that laid the foundation of the nation we are today.

Sen and the Art of Development

Dr Binayak Sen completes two years in prison on 14 May. Since the case against him is not clear, how does one fight for his release?

Blogging for Democracy

Going by the e-buzz, this year’s Lok Sabha polls can be termed India’s first digital election. Voters and non-voters alike seem to be up for it

Rahul’s Congress

The party’s heir apparent has seen his youthful experiments in electoral democracy succeed and is now ready to shake the party up

Burma’s Steve Biko

Min Ko Naing has just received the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights. Often seen as Suu Kyi’s political heir, he is serving a 65-year term for organising the 2007 uprising against the junta


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