Dhoni: Darling to Effigy

Dileep Premachandran

Dhoni is now in that familiar place where an Indian cricket captain, inevitably, arrives. That place where his back will slowly transform into a dartboard

The Height of Cricket

A ringside view of what it takes to reach the venue for a match being played at the base of Mount Everest

Sellbo, Korbo, Sellbo

Global sportswear companies have finally found a reason to pull out all stops in IPL cricket. Their plan: sell, sell, sell

The Fab Five

They brought class, genius, tenacity, skill, passion and much more to the cricket field. One of history’s most successful captains assesses their contribution to Indian cricket

Ow! zzat!

The crotch problem and the art and science of protecting a batsman’s most precious things


One of the highest paid sportsmen in the world, India cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni once needed the kindness of his friends for a good meal

The Answer

How good is Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a captain, really, and how much is plain damn luck?


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