Dhoni Chic

Kaveree Bamzai

The cricket story began in Ranchi but the cultural phenomenon became Pan-Indian

Dhoni and the Spirit of Wasseypur

Mahendra Singh Dhoni exemplified the small-town spirit and the killer instinct of Jharkhand

Captain India

It is the second most important job in the country and only the few able to withstand its pressures leave a legacy

Racism in Sport

Beneath a tolerant façade, there are layers of prejudice based on culture and colour

Cricket Cautiously Takes Guard

Cricket is now taking its first faltering steps to get back to life from the lockdown

The Stadium after Covid-19

Players prepare for the mental challenge of sports without cheering spectators

Unbridled Nostalgia

The 75th anniversary of VE Day

Patel the Most Monumental

When you think Patel, you think big. Or vice versa


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