The Tragedy of Hockey

Madhavankutty Pillai

On the muted enthusiasm before the World Cup in India

My Daughter, A Cricketer

Living to tell the tale of dreaming and daring

Shades of Glory

India’s disappointment in cricket was eclipsed by its success in track and field events

The Flemish Connection

How to make cricket a truly global sport

Success Doesn’t Come Cheap

India’s increased investment in sport is making a big difference

England was 73 years late in heeding Mankad’s “warning” for leaving the crease

Deepti Sharma’s run out of Charlie Dean was fully legit, Twitterati use replays, stills to show Dean had left her crease early dozens of times

Pak handles started Arshdeep-is-Khalistani storm minutes after dropped catch

Forensics reveal trend generated to further ISI project to create communal discord in India

A Resurgent Pakistan

Babar Azam’s men have restored excitement to the rivalry with India

The Great Transformer

Pullela Gopichand on his admiration for Sourav Ganguly

Burnt by the Sun

Boria Majumdar tells the story of Lalit Modi like a thriller, without judgment, without prejudice


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