Padmavati: History as a Dispute

Siddharth Singh

Blasts from the past strike modern India with unfailing regularity. The controversy over Padmavati focuses on the fact that what endangers freedom is the politicisation of protest in the name of freedom

Spare the Momo Please

A Tibetan snack that encloses varied flavours as well as memories, draws investment as much as political flak, it boasts of a culinary heritage that some trace to the Mongol Empire

Gag Orders

Gag orders work well with politicians whose careers are tied to their parties, like Shashi Tharoor

Your dignity is above all else

Aparna Popat, the Olympian and nine-time National badminton champ, makes a warts-and-all assessment of an Indian sportswoman’s life.

“A jihad for the right to love who you want”

A Jihad For Love, a courageous documentary about homosexual Muslims, shot furtively by an Indian filmmaker, is sending shock waves around the globe.

Jesus Christ Superstory

Philip Pullman’s is perhaps the most important novel yet of the still-young century. It’s a grand tragedy about two brothers—Jesus and Christ.

An Illiterate Civilisation?

Rarely do academic quarrels enter popular discourse. But the latest battle has thrown up a gripping controversy. Could the people of Indus Valley read and write?


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