The Long Goodbye

Madhavankutty Pillai

On the Supreme Court trying to bring in clarity on capital punishment

The Pretend-Liberals

They don’t really require an excuse to unleash a volley of vile invectives against the government

Ashoka’s Woes

What really worries the heirs of Nurul Hasan

The Judgment of the Visual

On the airing of a former MP’s sex tape by a news channel

Watch Your Creative Step

On the unexpected backlash against Adipurush

Beware the Film Critics

Who is really offended by The Kerala Story?

The Caravan and Barking Dogs

The best way to react to the anti-Modi documentary was to ignore it

Anatomy of a Scandal

Qatar is likely to redeem itself with a great show but the same cannot be said of FIFA

National Emblem: Lions of Peace

A 2,500-year-old sculpture that came to represent the idea of India

Selective Indignation

The norm in today’s polarised world


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