The Playful Past

Rati Girish

History lessons can be quite fun

Tarnishing Brand India

What they do in the name of democracy

Judicial Activism

The job of the courts is to resolve disputes arising from either the violation of laws or conflicting interpretations of the law

Our Lives Matter

Efforts to instigate social conflicts have failed because of the resolve of Indian society to uphold inclusiveness

The CM’s First Act

Why Kerala radically moving Supreme Court against CAA is also an astute political move by Pinarayi Vijayan

The Discrimination

The Citizenship Amendment Bill, which excludes only Muslims, is an affront to the idea of India

Sharad Arvind Bobde: A Man for All Reasons

Sharad Arvind Bobde takes over as Chief Justice of India at a time when the position is more powerful than ever

Fraught States

The trouble in believing that constitutional crises around the world are symptoms of the same disease

A Gutsy Move in J&K

Meticulous planning and a show of political will led to the repeal of Article 370

One Before All

Placing the individual, not society, at the heart of the Constitution


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