British Raj

The Phantom Invasion

Kishan S Rana

How British panic at the Japanese threat aggravated Indian suffering in 1942

The Power of Absence

In the Elizabethan code of leadership, unspoken words and unshown emotions could move a people

Calcutta, As It Was

Lord Curzon’s enduring monument to the British Raj

Raj in India

Through the prism of Woke battles

David Gilmour: ‘The Raj-bashers are oversimplifying a long and very varied period of history’

S Prasannarajan in Open Conversation with David Gilmour, English historian

Economic Lessons From the Raj

The myth of colonial plunder

Empire Building

A majestic retelling of the Raj from the vantage point of the rulers

Master Picture Perfect

The colour philosophy of Raghubir Singh was influenced by his interest in traditional Indian art

A requiem for our first car

With the demise of the Ambassador goes the last symbol of the Nehruvian Age

Voices from Colonial India

The records of India’s first and only Linguistic Survey, conducted by the British Raj over 1914-29, are now up on the net, thanks to an impatient history professor


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