Love, Sex and the City

Rajni George

Starcrossed lovers revive Allahabad’s glory days in this charming if dated translation—and the lingering gender debate

The Second Coming

Novelist Kiran Nagarkar’s once-censored play is in print at last, with a fast-paced new screenplay

I’m the Book

In his latest outing, Karl Ove Knausgaard portrays himself as a teenager with literary ambition

The Remains of the Riddle

Medieval England soars and plummets in Ishiguro’s seventh novel, a fantasy tale

Woman in Red

The pulp politics of this book is not all that harmless

Bihari Laddism

Why can’t Patna boys reconcile the mofussil with a new urban India?

The General and the Half-and-Half

A novel about a Dutch-Pakistani girl coming of age in Zia’s Islamabad

God is in the Details

An Indologist from Italy reflects on the rapture that religion offers as an experience

Dazed and Confused

A seething knot of a coming of age story shows how India’s 90s generation deals with drugs, sex, magic mushrooms and, of course, divorce

Provocateur’s Remedy

A journalist employs black comedy to highlight all that is wrong with India’s economy


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