Spiritual Vs Physical

Lakshmi Bayi

And the natural balance of mind and body

Eat Your Way to Heaven

The link between feasting and thinking right

Body Politics

The many paradoxes of food and shame

In the Garden of Earthly Delights

In pursuit of the perfect body and mind, we forget to feed the soul

Eggs on A Breast

Preparing your body for lovemaking has its own charm

Written on the Body

A master of ‘wet poems’ places the body at the centre of political and social structures 

Taking Up Space

We learn early that we ought to be ashamed of our bodies

The Zen of Weightlifting

Why it is more about the mind than body

Pavlovian Slumber

A new study indicates that people can absorb new information while asleep

The Elixir Clinic

In search of the perfect body


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