BMC’s Vision 2030

Anil Dharker

Is there anything concrete in the municipal corporation’s new ideas?

Gandhi is Only for Foreigners

Why the Father of the Nation is just a figure in history books

Mumbai Notebook

Hypernationalism, BMC on a record-breaking spree and the house of a fugitive

Mumbai Notebook

The persistence of killer potholes

Mumbai Notebook

The campaign against open defecation and the reduction of bus services

Mumbai Notebook

Fire safety as an afterthought

Mumbai Notebook

The receding tide of civic apathy

Mumbai Notebook

There are people in Mumbai who go around the city taking an annual pre-monsoon census of potholes

Mumbai Notebook

The wealth of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

The Case for Evicting Ganpati

If God is everywhere, he doesn’t need to be on the streets


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