Hair Raising

Lhendup G Bhutia

There is a boom in the transplant industry but it is accompanied by hidden dangers

Lipstick on Your Mask

The power of the hidden

Anita Ratnam: The World’s a Stage

The pressure to give up is high but dancer Anita Ratnam continues to use academia and artistry to raise the bar

What Happens When Nothing Happens

We overlook the beauty of stillness as we get lost in the ant crawl of everydayness

Beauty and Being

Ten artists in conversation with the world

Eka Kurniawan: A Terrible Beauty Is Born

The rising star of Indonesian fiction, Eka Kurniawan spins a tale that is as bloody as it is brilliant. He has a message for the world—the truth always exposes itself. The magical realist in conversation with Open

Beauty Redefined

Aesthetics is not a matter of arts alone in an age of stifling cultural battles

Beauty and Barbiturates

Artists have long equated beauty with truth, but the truth is that beauty only exists in relation to something less beautiful. Beauty shines in the juxtaposition. For every Bulgari there is something truly Vulgari

We Are Blind to Beauty

What the lack of interest in a spectacular show on Tagore tells us about India’s art brigade


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