Different Media Strokes

Going against the precedent of earlier prime ministers, Narendra Modi has done away with the post of media advisor

Among the Heroes

When India made an English summer cool. Glimpses from the first edition of Indian Cricket Heroes

Open-Republic TV Achievers Awards: Stars and Strides

Celebrating the Great Indian Dream with the finest minds from business, culture, sports, cinema and public services

Overdoing A Point

Why Black Panther does not deserve a Best Picture nomination for the Oscars

Residential Harassment

A short film on the trauma of renting a home as a single woman in Mumbai makes it to Sundance. Director Reema Sengupta in conversation with Divya Unny

The Contract of Life

What this year’s Economics Nobel laureates have won for

Men of Cutting-edge Science

A renowned algebraic number theorist who plays the tabla, a biologist trying to unravel the mysteries of the human cell, a scientist who can transform the industrial-scale production of plastic materials, and another who is working on a cancer screener that can be used at home—all of them Indians at the cutting edge of science and technology who were awarded the Infosys Prize 2012

Awards Lite

Countless trophies, flashy star performances and too many silly jokes. Yet, not one credible award function

AR Rahman

Mani Ratnam chanced upon him at a function to recognise excellence in the field of advertising.


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