The Dhoni Question

Aditya Iyer

Is there room for a neutral in the great cricketing debate of this World Cup year?

Markus Zusak: The Story so Far

Australian author Markus Zusak tells Bhavya Dore about the aftermath of a bestseller success and the joys of a new work

First Men

The future of Test cricket is in safer hands now

Ball-Tampering: Is It Such a Big Deal?

If ball-tampering is a crime in cricket, then it is a pardonable one

Under-19 World Cup: Wall of Fame

The story of India’s triumph at the Under-19 World Cup was meticulously planned by coach Rahul Dravid long before the event unfolded

Open Diary

For warmer ties with Australia and open minds on period cinema

Mumbai Notebook

The world's most liveable cities


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