Three Cheers for the Quad

Siddharth Singh

Perhaps the most underplayed agreement in Tokyo is the Indo-Pacific Partnership for Maritime Domain Awareness (IPMDA)

A Ukrainian Question for India

New Delhi stands to gain from the emerging world order if it plays its diplomatic cards right

Shane Warne (1969-2022): The Imperfect Perfectionist

Shane Warne sometimes did not realise how good he was

The Future of Djokovic

But for anyone expecting him to curl up somewhere in desperation, this seems improbable given his history

Age of Unreason

What Novak Djokovic’s experience says about fear and power in the time of Covid

The Return of Ravichandran Ashwin

Education has given him an edge over the others

Crying Shame

In a freak coincidence, three of Australia’s Test cricket captains have wept in public confessing their weakness and guilt

The Truth about David Warner

Cricket’s ‘Comeback Man’ shows there is more to him than the controversies

Mohammed Siraj: Father’s Son

The grief, determination and team spirit behind Mohammed Siraj’s success in Australia


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