AR Rahman: The maestro who inspires mastery

Shreya Sethuraman

Why does AR Rahman’s music spawn so many cover versions by other artists?

All the President’s Pioneers

Artists, writers, budding scientists, techno geeks and salt-of-the-earth rural innovators—the second edition of Rashtrapati Bhavan’s scholar In-residence programme brought together the brightest of the country’s creative minds

Seeing is Unbelieving

Contemporary artists explore the power of illusion in our lives

Question of Reconciliation

Australian and Indian artists, baffled by attacks on Indians down under, explore how the two countries treat each other and their minorities

Artists United

The ten-day-long Delhi International Arts Festival extravaganza kicked off with some special acts by international artists.

Where’s All the Money Gone?

The art mart has crashed. Only conspiracy theories and blame have survived


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