Bijoy Jain: An Architect’s Reverie

Priya Khanchandani

Bijoy Jain’s sculptures embody scale independent of size

Delights of Cartography

A memorial stroll through the changing history of Delhi

Nation Building: Homage to the Homeland

From the museum to the street, a multimedia history of nation building

Confessions of an Interior Stylist

“To be a good interior stylist, good taste is not enough. Unlike styling in the fashion industry, there is too much detail­ing required”

If Buildings Could Speak

Rabindranath Tagore’s architectural and interior designs are reflective of his national ideals, finds artist Samit Das

Staple Art

Pooja Iranna creates miniature sculptures from staple pins to make a monumental statement on the human psyche.

The House Collector

He stores whole mansions in his warehouses. Might give them to you, for a price, if he likes you

The Edifice Complex

Mayawati wants to reshape Lucknow’s landscape for future generations to marvel at. Or, given her current political ambitions, are her motives far more immediate?


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