Beauty As Investment

Sunita Kohli

Cultural capitalism and the dividends of aesthetics

Babur’s Soul

The Mughal emperor not only established an extraordinary dynasty and set the tone for their future political, economic, aesthetic and humanistic triumphs, he also produced one of the most fascinating autobiographies ever written to record exactly how he did it

BV Doshi: The Highest Guru of Urban Design

For BV Doshi, the architect must be alert to the needs of the future inhabitants

Beloved Concrete Monsters

The cultural revival of Modernist architecture

Rough Edges of Bratislava

The communist past of the Slovakian capital is locked in its brutalist architecture

Landmarks of Confession

India’s traditional architecture made amends for its violations of nature

Cholan Glory

Reinventing an ancient era with all its cultural diversity

Bijoy Jain: An Architect’s Reverie

Bijoy Jain’s sculptures embody scale independent of size


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