iPhone 4S

Gagandeep Singh Sapra

The 4S is faster and smarter than any smartphone going

Situation Vacant

There’s a job going at Apple Inc. Not the one its maverick co-founder just relinquished in favour of new CEO Tim Cook, the other one that involved second-guessing the consumer. Anyone?

iPad 2

33 per cent thinner, 10 per cent lighter, 200 per cent faster, but priced the same as the first iPad

The Mac Superclone Peddler

DaSilva’s company Quo is selling Mac clones, but without the Mac OS. Is it legal? Well...

New MacBook Air

It is everything you’d expect of Apple, designwise

New Mac Mini

It has twice the speed and graphics performance than the older Mini. Nothing else compares.

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 It is not just a brighter phone, but with a new OS it is also smarter than the older iPhones.


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