ancient India

Rediscovering Indic Traditions

Lakshmi Bayi

The ancients taught us the art of survival within boundaries

The Freedom of the Ancients

A legacy strong enough for 21st century attitude to intimacy

An East-West Encounter

An anecdotal account of yoga’s journey from an ancient road to enlightenment to a wellness industry

Asko Parpola, 78, Indologist

Civilisational Fetish

Nayanjot Lahiri: The Time Keeper

Historian-archaeologist Nayanjot Lahiri takes us through India’s antiquity and values at breakneck speed in her new book

Kerala floods: Forebodings in India’s Ancient Texts

Our ancient sages were so much in tune with Prakriti that they came to predict—and prepare—for the vagaries in nature

A Superpower of the Past

Innovation gave ancient India immense economic advantage

Nayanjot Lahiri, Historian

Civilisational Quest

Indebted to Pleasure

We now break more food boundaries for the pure joy of it


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