ancient India

Ancient Wisdom on Sexuality

Neo-Victorians as exemplars of tradition are misfits in society

Rediscovering Indic Traditions

The ancients taught us the art of survival within boundaries

The Freedom of the Ancients

A legacy strong enough for 21st century attitude to intimacy

An East-West Encounter

An anecdotal account of yoga’s journey from an ancient road to enlightenment to a wellness industry

Asko Parpola, 78, Indologist

Civilisational Fetish

Nayanjot Lahiri: The Time Keeper

Historian-archaeologist Nayanjot Lahiri takes us through India’s antiquity and values at breakneck speed in her new book

Kerala floods: Forebodings in India’s Ancient Texts

Our ancient sages were so much in tune with Prakriti that they came to predict—and prepare—for the vagaries in nature

A Superpower of the Past

Innovation gave ancient India immense economic advantage


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