A Year Like No Other

Anil Dharker

Covid hasn’t been all that bad

It’s the Modi Surge, Still

Bihar was showing signs of Nitish fatigue and then came Campaigner Modi with a compelling message that would stop Tejashwi in his tracks and save the chief minister from the brink

‘MGB strike rate in Bihar was of a Test match while the election was 20-20 cricket’

CPI(ML) Liberation chief Dipankar Bhattacharya says Congress was overstretched, should have contested 40, not 70 seats, in state Assembly elections

Force Modi in Bihar

The state enters a new era in politics

Old Favourite

In an attempt to create a wave in favour of the Janata Dal (United)- BJP alliance, Modi is all set to address as many as 12 rallies, three in a day

The Future Is Here

CRISPR-cas9, the technology that won the 2020 Chemistry Nobel, is truly revolutionary

Attitudes and Identity

Where the familiar becomes fabulous

Poets and Proselytisers

The cliques, clans and defining moments of the 13th edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival

True Lives

From biopics of sportstars to matters of the heart, 2020 has it all

The New Decade

The 21st century begins in 2020


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