From Court to House

Kumar Anshuman

As national parties increasingly find themselves fighting legal battles, influential lawyers walk away with Rajya Sabha nominations

Economic Reforms: The Growth and Gloom Story

Beyond the magic figure of 7.6 lies the bigger challenge for the Modi Government

Is It BJP’s Mahatma Moment?

The party is growing as rapidly as the Congress did when Gandhi was at the helm

Agenda AMU

The Centre is determined to deny minority status to Aligarh Muslim University

Mohammad Shahabuddin: The Jail Superintendent

How the RJD don Shahabuddin made Siwan jail his political headquarters

Reading the Future in the Ashes of Thursday

A comrade who defies both biology and ideology in Kerala. The triumph of Kancheepuram kitsch in Tamil Nadu. The compelling subaltern-sandesh socialist in Bengal. A Modi wave on the Brahmaputra. And a Family that couldn't provide the sheltering shadow for a withered party...The summer thriller of 2016

Congress: The Dead Old Party of India

A verdict that magnifies the irrelevance of the Congress and strengthens the modernisation agenda of the Prime Minister

Assam: Storming the Citadel

Assam’s anxiety about its identity and illegal migration made it a natural constituency for the BJP

Kerala: Red With a Dash of Saffron

The UDF has suffered a humiliating setback after a no-holds-barred campaign in which it was seen as aligning with communalists of all hues

Tamil Nadu: The Cult of Mother is Intact

For the first time, Tamil Nadu has voted back an incumbent party contesting without an ally


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