Is Kashmir Losing India?

S Prasannarajan

Today, alienation is a necessary identity for the stone-throwing, Book-bound revolutionary. Home is not India any longer; it is an idea delivered by an angry god

Caging the Beast

What is captivity to a living being? Is it only an animal in a zoo that suffers? Or do wild animals feel captive in the wild too?

The Return of the Nation and Other Portents

Updating the political glossary after Brexit and other eruptions

An Epic Plea For Sovereign Words

When free speech is not an idealised abstraction but a practical pursuit. A user's guide by Timothy Garton Ash

Brexit or Stay, Behold Boris the Outsider

On the eve of the EU referendum in Britain, it is the familiar story of the popular outsider pitted against the resented Establishment

Cryo-Nirvana with Don DeLillo

Life, love, death and immortality in Zero K

Being a Gandhi in the Time of Modi

India has changed but it is a change that Sonia Gandhi is ill-equipped to cope with and Rahul Gandhi is incapable of comprehending

Divine Comedy by the Hoogly

In The Cauliflower, a novel about Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa by Nicola Barker, the most daring...

The Curse of Memory and the Uses of Forgetting

Forget the past and move on. A provocative new book questions the moral superiority of historical memory

Princeling Stars in a Bengal Ghost Story

The illicit alliance against Mamata in West Bengal


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