Open Diary

Swapan Dasgupta

Jerusalem is the point of convergence of all three Abrahamic religions

The Trump Conundrum

How come ordinary voters are falling for his message despite its patent lack of credibility?

Wealth Issue 2016: Editor’s Note

The problem is not capitalism but the inadequacies of politics-as-usual to engage with capital

A Meeting of Fearful Minds

The tactical assault on movies in the war with Pakistan

Back to Ideology

The conservative crack-up and a new nationalist narrative

How to Be a God

Definitions collapse as the divine sparkles in everyone

Open Diary

When it comes to food, middle-class Indians are inclined to be extremely conservative

‘Bleed India with a Thousand Cuts’ Policy Is in a Shambles

As a new cold war sets in between India and Pakistan in the wake of India’s retaliatory strikes on terror camps across the LoC, two Pakistani commentators present the other side of the argument

There is Just One Issue: Kashmir

Pakistan would not be able to have internal and external peace unless its relationship with India is stabilised


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