Shah Rukh Khan: The Image Trap

Madhavankutty Pillai

The message that Raees’ fate at the box office will send Shah Rukh Khan


Legal luminaries, developed India and a notebandi bonanza

The Axis Tilt of Civilisation

May you not live in interesting times.But you are

Open Diary

Migration tales

Call of the Apes

Indian primates are in urgent need of conservationist attention

Vanishing Point

The irrelevance of Shah Rukh Khan meeting Raj Thackeray

Open Diary

Modi seems determined to change a chalta hai mindset

What’s the Matter with Mind?

A meditation on the nine-gated city and noble thoughts

A Coffee Break in Tradition

A retro coffee house in Chennai as a cultural statement

An Unusual Kind of Sorrow

On the shades of grief in Tamil politics


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