Being a Gandhi in the Time of Modi

S Prasannarajan

India has changed but it is a change that Sonia Gandhi is ill-equipped to cope with and Rahul Gandhi is incapable of comprehending

Divine Comedy by the Hoogly

In The Cauliflower, a novel about Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa by Nicola Barker, the most daring...

The Curse of Memory and the Uses of Forgetting

Forget the past and move on. A provocative new book questions the moral superiority of historical memory

Princeling Stars in a Bengal Ghost Story

The illicit alliance against Mamata in West Bengal

AAPocracy and the Cult of K

The platitudinous bunkum Kejriwal spews with such faux solemnity shows how determined he is to fortify his own mythology as Our Man of Deliverance

The Second World War as India’s Other Freedom Struggle

India as the pivot of Asia’s security: Going to war with Srinath Raghavan

The Big Fat Indian Story

Sugar is not all you should watch out for in a hearty meal

The Define Comedy

What unites kitschy nationalists and secular fundamentalists?

Who’s Afraid of the Outsider?

The truth behind the crude ingenuity of Donald Trump


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