X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Ajit Duara

This better be turned into a Playstation game. People would have a lot more fun

Star Trek

You thought one Spock was enough. Well, this film has two. Deal with it

Zero Bridge

A film about contemporary daily life in Kashmir is creating waves in film festivals around the globe

Detective Naani

Movies that may have never seen the light of day are out and about in these days of dearth. This is one of them


A comedy about match fixing tries hard to deliver, but slips between jokes. Why is fun so difficult? And why is Cyrus such a bore?

The Party’s Over at Cannes

The luxury yachts are missing and the fabled Vanity Fair party is off. But nothing can stop the irrepressible Vijay Mallya


A film about a father, daughter and a moneylender, set in stark Ladakh. It’s also a fine homage to Andrei Tarkovsky

What Just Happened

Another movie about movie makers. And another mindless role for Robert De Niro. Skip it, stick to IPL


What happens when a young woman falls for an old man? It makes him insufferably vain. Watch this one for Penelope Cruz


Four stories. Unbound by mushy lines and technical flaws. Everyone, including the director, gets lost at this crossroad


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