Something Rotten in Kerala

Shahina KK

The 'moral police' are a serious assault on the freedom of expression in the state

The Man behind the Mahatma

A retelling of the Gandhi story for the young

It Takes a Village to Redefine Power

It’s quite cool for some professionals to forsake cities for grassroots politics

In Response to Zafarul Islam: Islamist Editors are Indeed Radicalising Indian Muslims

In modern times, a glaring intellectual failure of the Muslim mind is not to distinguish between Israel, the Jews and the Zionists

Muslim Youths From Kerala: God’s Own Recruits

Where have those Muslim youths from Kerala gone? The call of the Islamic State

NCR Job Market: Mind the Gap

They invest effort and money in big dreams but get only meagre returns. Young men and women on being let down by the NCR job market

Udta Punjab: Defying the Drumbeat

Udta Punjab gives you the reality of the north Indian state and not the mythic idea of it that pervades cinema and advertising

E-motional Affairs

Or: Love in the time of Facebook

Confessions of a Gerontophile

When you meet people in the silver of their lives, who seem to have caught life by the neck and kissed its tremendous crow’s feet, you want to stand and applaud


The fear of extinction and the great reproductive panic of the Parsi community


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