Sports has emerged as Uttar Pradesh’s soft power

Navneet Sehgal

The state is setting up a sports development fund to promote new sports events and generate more jobs

Top Standalone B-Schools (Zonewise)

Zonewise ranking of standalone B-Schools

The Telugu Model

There is a sense of “nativity”, which means being culturally grounded

The New Game Theory

How young India is shaping the next big frontier in entertainment

Banking on Youth

Generation Z is driving a technology-led boom in personal finance

Paint Your Own Padamsee

Museums and galleries across India are upending conventions and reimagining a new playbook for children

T-Shirt Truths

Seven young artists in search of climate-conscious fashions

Desire Unbound

Social distancing versus sexual intimacy

Level Playing Field

How Generation Z is conquering gaming as contestants and creators

Nothing is Sacred

Playing to the Google generation’s gallery


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