The Big Picture

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

A graphic statement of life and art

Rahman Abbas: ‘English writers enjoy more freedom than us’

Urdu writer Rahman Abbas on the challenges of being defiant

Deborah Levy: ‘A book without desire is a depressed book’

Deborah Levy, author of ‘living autobiographies’, feels happiest by the ocean and in a room of her own

The Politburo of Piety

And the dictatorship of diversity

Spotting Chatwin and Other Delights in Jaipur

Tishani Doshi keeps an ear out at the world’s biggest literary carnival


Missing calendars, presidential speeches and Mevani's admirers

Browsing and Buying in New York

From the connoisseur to the casual visitor, everyone is welcome

Her Story Retold

Women’s biographies combat historical invisibility


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