Márquez’s Love and Other Demons

S Prasannarajan

Until August shows why the afterlife of writers is larger than what we read on the pages

A Space for All

Publishing houses tailor-made for queer writers help them find their voice in print

The Pleasure Principle

Dismantling the artificial boundaries between high and low fiction


Yesterday’s writers as guides to today’s pedestrians

Bio Dictatorship

When the writer succumbs to the monumental

Ritual and Catharsis

Two novels shortlisted for the 2020 Man Booker International Prize, by millennial writers, reveal how trauma can become bogeyman

Literature in the time of Covid-19

One of the few unintended positives in the overwhelming gloom has been the space writers and thinkers have been granted to become enormously productive and focused

Poets and Proselytisers

The cliques, clans and defining moments of the 13th edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival

Colonial Hauntings

Reading ghost stories by British women writers

Sabyn Javeri: Inside the Veil

The Pakistani author Sabyn Javeri talks about the politics of the hijab and the role of writers in divided societies in a conversation with Shikha Kumar


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