God of the Year: Ayyappa – A Life

Madhavankutty Pillai

The evolution of the deity at Sabarimala

The Cult of Draupadi

In praise of an inclusive goddess

Kali, the Divine Assassin

True bhakti or love for the divine can come about only with the grace of the Goddess

Reclaiming Varanasi

Why is it that there is no effort to retrieve the original Shivalinga?

The Saint and the Sinner

Recent protests in Tamil Nadu against a lyricist’s ‘belittlement’ of the mystic poet Andal do little justice to the spirit of her verses

A Journey to Shiva’s Abode

The magnificence of Mount Kailash

The Taste in Memory

Modern day tasting menus make us long for festival food

The Tao of Kali Worship

At a temple in Kolkata, Chinese expats appease the goddess with offerings of momos and noodles


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