Invocation of the Incarnate

Bibek Debroy

Why certain forms of worship work better than others

Attitudes of Avatar

What the Shiva worshippers should know

The Days of Durga

The genesis of Bengal’s biggest festival

412-Years-Old Traditions Come Alive in Thiruvattar

The revival of ancient traditions at Shri Adi Keshava Perumal temple

The Sacred Feminine

Invoking the Devi who pervades the universe

The Divinity of Desire

Happiness and the permanent search of the compassionate

The Ocean of Compassion

Shiva can be reached even if one worships without mantras

Seeking Corona Devi

The pandemic brings back disease goddesses

Divine Distancing

Religion makes use of technology and private space to cope with the pandemic

Still Romancing Jejuri

In Arun Kolatkar’s footsteps, 50 years later


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