world politics


Michael Kugelman

Modi as the most popular dealmaker

The Road to Jerusalem

The future of the Biblical city has been clouded by further anxiety, even foreboding, by the Trump declaration

Open Diary

A visit to the UN, the Oxbridge and the EU dilemma

The Great Leap Forward

Making sense of the Asian resurgence

Abe and Mo: A Love Story

The benefits of a bullet-proof partnership

The Temptations and Tantalisations of Politics

Politics today, as a genre in creativity, is as good as the original works in other realms of the human mind, be it fiction or philosophy

Modi and Trump: Strongmen at Work

Modi and Trump pursue the art of the deal

Truth Beyond the Brotherhood

Cosy ties with the US cannot mask our security dilemmas

A Dealmakers’ Draw

What Narendra Modi will confront on his US visit is Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ doctrine in action


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