World Cup

The Dhoni Question

Aditya Iyer

Is there room for a neutral in the great cricketing debate of this World Cup year?

A Cricketing Calypso

India’s tour to the Caribbean could produce a great contest in the wake of an unforeseen West Indian renaissance

World At Their Feet

World Cups in cricket and rugby, a brand new version of a century-old tennis tournament, and Liverpool’s timely tryst with triumph—it promises to be a breakneck year for the sports fanatic

Sourav Ganguly: ‘Under me, players weren’t picked and dropped at my whim and fancy’

Open conversation with Sourav Ganguly, former captain, Indian cricket team

Under-19 World Cup: Wall of Fame

The story of India’s triumph at the Under-19 World Cup was meticulously planned by coach Rahul Dravid long before the event unfolded

Pitching it Right

Can including cricket in the Olympics redeem the game?

Fifa World Cup cooling breaks

Fifa is believed to have rejected the argument from the Brazilian players’ union that all 1 pm games be moved to 4 pm, when the temperature is usually lower

World Cup: Brazil 2014

Simon Kuper • Shobhan Saxena • Jan Tilman Schwab • Florencia Costa • Lhendup G Bhutia • and others

A terrible beauty is to be born

Jan Tilman Schwab lists the best and bravest not to be missed in Brazil


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