World Cup

Pitching it Right

Can including cricket in the Olympics redeem the game?

Fifa World Cup cooling breaks

Fifa is believed to have rejected the argument from the Brazilian players’ union that all 1 pm games be moved to 4 pm, when the temperature is usually lower

World Cup: Brazil 2014

Simon Kuper • Shobhan Saxena • Jan Tilman Schwab • Florencia Costa • Lhendup G Bhutia • and others

A terrible beauty is to be born

Jan Tilman Schwab lists the best and bravest not to be missed in Brazil

In Goal We Trust

Football in Brazil is more than the opium of the masses. It is more about individual expression, playing out fantasies and climbing the social ladder

Where history is a penalty

Luck apart, there is something majestic about penalty shootouts, and the Cup has a habit of making fools of forecasters, Pele included

Confessions of a Flamengo Fanatic

Still, Florencia Costa is now singing Fly Canarinho for Brazil to become Hexacampeão

India’s Red Card Glory

Komaleeswaran Sankar officiated as an assistant referee in three matches at the 2002 World Cup. He shares the thrill of being the first Indian ever to participate in a World Cup

Why You Shouldn’t Bet against Cricketing Minnows

Minnows, it turns out, have surprised us since 1979, the second World Cup


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