West Bengal

‘No Compromise on Leading Rebellions’

Amit Baruah

CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat on the difficulties his party faces in the 2011 West Bengal Assembly election, the threat from Maoists and his error in allowing the UPA government to negotiate a safeguards agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency in November 2007.

Bengal’s Descent into Darkness

What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow. If this old saying retains some relevance today, it’s as a way to place the tragedy of the state’s slide in perspective.

India This Week

Indian citizenship for Sri Lankan refugees; handshake and a boot in West Bengal; Bihar’s bank ban; Kashmir protest; and creating second-class doctors

The Loneliness of Buddhadeb

Can Bengal’s poet-playwright Chief Minister pull out of his current depression in time for the looming Assembly elections?

India’s Worst Land Grab

Rajarhat New Town is billed as the face of modern Bengal. But it’s a façade for injustices that cancelling an odd infotech park cannot undo

Talibanesque Code

A Ramakrishna Mission school in West Bengal and its outrageous attitude towards its lady teachers

Bloodied Bengal and Its Bhadralok

Why violence maintains its currency as a political tool in West Bengal

The Next Gorbachev?

There’s something tragic about Buddhadeb having to preside over the decline of the Left in West Bengal

Red Zone

As the Maoists assert control in this adivasi region, the West Bengal government faces a dilemma: to storm Lalgarh or not

Honey, I Shrunk the Left!

As chief of the CPM’s central command, Prakash Karat finds himself presiding over an electoral rout and party disgruntlement


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