West Bengal

Selective Indignation

Swapan Dasgupta

The norm in today’s polarised world

The “Second City of the Empire”

In terms of its reputation as a business destination, West Bengal has climbed down a slippery slope

Bappi Lahiri (1952-2022): Dancing to His Own Tune

He composed memorable songs in forgettable movies but the remix revolution has kept his music alive

Unease of Doing Business

Why Elon Musk will not come to India anytime soon

World Heritage Puja

It is now officially recognised as part of UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage

Dog and Bone Syndrome

For obvious reasons, it particularly afflicts ruling parties

More than a Derby

It’s time we took India’s greatest football rivalry to the world

Post-Retirement Largesse

When politicians reward blatant displays of partisanship

The Ultimate Prize

Mamata is taking her Mission Goa seriously


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