Vladimir Putin

Four Holidays

Madhavankutty Pillai

The world is made up of leaders who get to choose a break and followers who don’t

Beware the Russian Bear

Why Narendra Modi should be wary of Vladimir Putin

It’s the Popularity, Dammit!

Narendra Modi could be the one who can tell the world that strength and popularity do not necessarily breed autocracy

The endgame in Ukraine and Putin’s putsch

The tragedy of a country caught between history and geography

Return of the Great Terror

No autocrat as sanguineous as Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is at work today, and it’s nostalgia that drives his extraterritorial ambition.

Vladimir Putin

He could rule for a further 12 years, which would make his a 22-year-rule

Diplomatic Convergence

Moscow and New Delhi are updating an old friendship. Vladimir Putin’s visit to India has made that much clear.


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