Vladimir Putin

The West should not forget that Russian wars start badly: Luttwak

Ullekh NP

Putin's forces are leaving one battlefield to go to another, to act purposefully, says noted war historian

Modi’s message to Zelensky, Putin reflect concern over cost of war

India will nurture ties with Russia but global slowdown is deepening New Delhi’s misgivings over wrecking ball effect of Putin’s actions

The Mythmaker’s Last War

Putin is not an accidental autocrat and a historian explains why

Why Modi Cautioned Putin

Modi’s remarks and Putin’s careful response suggest that both countries understand what is at stake

A True Countrywoman

King Charles III must remember that royalty needs charisma to succeed

Ukraine War: How the West Shot Itself in the Foot

Sanctions are hurting its own economies without stopping Russia’s war machine

Lost Americana

Why Xi and Putin are not scared of the erstwhile leader of the free world

The Boomerang War

How Vladimir Putin has exploited the liberal disorder and survived the sanctions

Steven Pinker criticises the Pope over comments on NATO

The Harvard academic adds that India’s future will depend on the strength of its multi-ethnic character

The Ukraine Effect

The war may exacerbate geopolitical and economic fragmentation


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