How They Brought India Down

PR Ramesh and Ullekh NP

The Jayanthi Natarajan exposé only adds to the UPA’s inglorious legacy in development

The Party Without a Plot

Afflicted by an inert organisation, absent leadership and ideological confusion, Congress needs to forge a revival plan before it’s too late

A Glass of Milk and Plenty of Water

An economist lists five priorities for the next government

It Isn’t Gas: If You Fix The Price, You Pay a Price

How the UPA’s muddled economic policies have

The Games Congress Plays

On Telangana, the party displays an attitude that will hurt it more than it realises

An Emergency for the UPA

How else to explain the President’s food security ordinance?

As Bad as the Congress

At a time when it should have been making political capital of the UPA government’s woes, why is the BJP just tripping all over itself?

If Only Khurshid Would Focus on Work

The UPA’s law ministers get a big ‘F’ in fixing the country’s broken judicial system

Left Unity Makes Sense

The CPM and CPI need to leave doctrines aside and face practical realities

In Auto-denial Mode

Denial continues to be a disease. Cornered by outraged public opinion, the Government and public officials are playing ostrich


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