The Missing Pieces

Rohit Chandra

Puja Mehra skilfully unpacks India’s economic dysfunction

The Economy Beyond Numbers

There is much to feel good about Modi's four years in office

The Aadhaar Raj

What it enables by way of e-commerce must not be overshadowed by the dangers it exposes people to

How to Manually Steer Backwards

The driverless car is an inevitability, even if Nitin Gadkari won’t allow it in India

1000 Days of Modi: Banking On the Personal Sector

The next two years will witness a new partnership of prosperity


When Arun Jaitley and Ahmed Patel are in the Central Hall of Parliament

After Bihar: Modi the Diminished

Was Modi blinded by his own aura?

After Bihar: The Road from Patna

Astute manipulation of the caste matrix and a savvy campaign led the Grand Alliance of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad to an epochal victory. The BJP underestimated the power of its opponent and fell victim to its own contradictions

After Bihar: Be the Master and Skip the House

There are plenty of initiatives that Modi can take to keep the economic reforms going even if Bihar makes a dent in his bid for a Rajya Sabha majority


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