Sudhir Mishra

Daas Dev Movie Review

Ajit Duara

One would have expected more political, cultural and cinematic sophistication in a film by Sudhir Mishra

Guess Who’s Betting Big on Imran

Impassioned Jugalbandi • Petulance Over a Paid Appearance

‘To a young man, every city looks like Paris’

Lucknow reflects in my work, the way I talk, the way I walk and the way I live my life.


If only he had good performers, Sudhir Mishra’s formulaic narrative might have worked

The Old Triangle That Wasn’t

The Old Triangle That Wasn’t • How to Solve a Problem like Katrina • Painting the Pink City Red

Yeh Saali Zindagi

Yet another disappointment to add to Sudhir Mishra’s list of ho-hum flicks


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