Social Distancing

The Pandemic Present

Lhendup G Bhutia

Immunity hampers, UV lights, work from home devices———gifting may be down but not out this season

A Webinar-Weary World

Though technology aided communication, its glaring inadequacy played spoilsport

‘House Arrest’

After five months of what the authorities call ‘The Lockdown’

‘There’s a Zoom fatigue’

Says Alexandra H Solomon, a clinical psychologist at Northwestern University

A 24×7 Nightmare

Super-Dense Crush Load

The Six Feet Challenge

Why getting the whole of India to stay apart that distance is a near impossibility

Open-Plan Offices: The Future is Closed

A radical rehaul of the workplace is imminent

The Future of Politics

The next round of state elections, beginning with Bihar, will be the first test of how political leadership, parties and the electorate have adapted to the changes wrought by Covid-19

Social Solace

How isolated Indians in the real world are connecting, inspiring and arguing in the virtual one

Pandemic-Related Behavioural Changes Won’t Last Long: Dan Ariely

Social distancing will disappear shortly post-Covid unless enforced, says the celebrated Israeli-American psychologist


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