The Loss of Inheritance

Lhendup G Bhutia

One of the world’s last matrilineal systems is changing in Meghalaya but no one is sure if that is a good thing

Conceal the Way You Dream

The daily hope and despair have never appeared more vivid and more insignificant, the abstractions of politics never felt this gigantic and remote, and never has religion seemed so weak a palliative

The State of Music

Few states support alternative music in the country but things may finally be looking up for indie musicians, what with Kerala announcing state awards for independent music

Men’s Rights in Meghalaya

The story of a men’s liberation movement

Shillong Tales

In this beautiful collection of short stories, where the everyday blends with the supernatural, Janice Pariat tells the story of Shillong and its people

Ostracised for Demanding Information

The courageous struggle of three women to expose corruption in a remote Meghalaya village, even as long-protected tribal traditions begin to be held to account by the Right to Information

Sing Back in Anger

Rap is the new language of dissent among youngsters in Shillong

Why Shillong Flips for WWII Jeeps

The Second World War years linger in this hill town in strange ways, and none more unusual than in its abiding fondness for Willys jeeps

Meter Down

A women’s group in Shillong objects to ‘women only’ taxis, calling it gender segregation.


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