Shashi Tharoor

Tweet for Tat

Chetna Prakash

Shashi Tweeter Tharoor may or may not be suffering from webbed-foot-in-beak syndrome, but the minister of state ought to share some of the grief his ministry’s embassies have caused Indian citizens worldwide. Here’s a sample of their aggrieved tweets:

India This Week

Jaitley’s Open Testimony; Hangman Dies; Shopian Report No Gospel Truth: High Court; Telangana: Mayhem at Midnight; and Plot too Thick for Tharoor

‘My Books are not that Great’

Writer Chetan Bhagat on the arduous task of ‘simple’ writing, his Booker dream and on scripting his own Bollywood role

Makeover Man

The suit is out. Dhoti in. English out, Malayalam in. Former UN bureaucrat and Congress candidate Shashi Tharoor is a changed man. But will that take him where he wants to go?


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