The Right to Desire

Mehr Tarar

Women need to fulfill their sexuality and conservative societies must give them the space for it

What Does a Woman Want?

The politics of desire

Unity in Diversity

India’s relationship with desire

Sexual Choice in Hindu Tradition

With our technical 'superiority' we are too dishonest with ourselves to admit what nature in profusion shows all around us

Eye of the Tiger

What Salman Khan’s stardom says about sexuality and ageing in India

The Romantics

Love and longing through the prism of gender and sexuality, class and race

Taslima Nasrin: ‘Without sexual freedom women will never get equality’

The third of her seven-volume memoir is out in English and Taslima Nasrin still remains a rebel with no regrets

Plastic Parvati: Freaky Fearless

Plastic Parvati tells why she sings of mental health and female sexuality


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