She Did It

Ambika Kamath

A series of essays about the life and work of 10 women scientists

The Day of the Outsider

A deeply human account of decoding the ribosome

Mind and Matter

An intimate and scientific exploration of what makes us who we are

Science of Separation

What makes men and women different

Misadventures of Dismal Scientists?

The origin, evolution and politics of the Economics Nobel Prize

AS Kiran Kumar: Sky Is Not the Limit

India has never been as confident of confronting the vastness of space as it is now

All the President’s Pioneers

Artists, writers, budding scientists, techno geeks and salt-of-the-earth rural innovators—the second edition of Rashtrapati Bhavan’s scholar In-residence programme brought together the brightest of the country’s creative minds

Science Games

Scientists have used computer games to improve their ability to decipher the three-dimensional structure of proteins.


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