An Ode to the Himalayas

Bibek Debroy

Forever seeking the divine in the sprawl of the mountains

The Sacred Feminine

Invoking the Devi who pervades the universe

Crossing the Rubicon

Both sacred and material resources necessary to counter the pandemic

Pilgrimage Paradigm

The relationship between the secular everyday and the sacred perennial

Cow Vigilantism: Politics of the Sacred and the Profane

What cow vigilantism has done to undefended lives and livelihoods. Ullekh NP visits Alwar in Rajasthan and Jaisinghpur in Haryana to find out. Photos: Ashish Sharma

God’s Kitchen: Celestial Palate

A report from God’s kitchen explains how Lord Venkateshwara is fed

The Sacred Cow: An Epic Stature

Reading the Mahabharata in search of the sacred cow

The Cows Come Home

On the well-deserved backfiring of a cowshed conference

Shambhu Baba: A Saint Is Sighted

The meteoric rise of Shambhu Baba, the latest addition to the list of godmen from Mithilanchal in Bihar. And he is too sacred to be photographed

Home Alone

There is more to Rajiv Malhotra’s latest book on Sanskrit than the usual Pollock pickle


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