Sachin Tendulkar

When Dravid Stole Sachin’s Thunder

Akshay Sawai

He always played bridesmaid to Tendulkar, yet Dravid was also The One

The Other Tendulkar

How famously reclusive Ajit Tendulkar agreed to step into the spotlight

The 100 That Wasn’t

The could-have-beens are as big a part of cricket lore as its many records. The century Sachin did not get at Lord’s will perhaps make it more memorable. Like Bradman’s last innings duck

The Man Who Never Got 100

How does it feel to contemplate Sachin Tendulkar’s feat of 50 Test hundreds from the vantage of another gritty Indian opener who got none? We asked Chetan Pratap Singh Chauhan

I Am He

A graphic tribute to the greatest Indian of our time...

The Worst Sachin Arguments

Remembering the most foolish things ever said about Tendulkar.

Beyond the Boundary

It’s time to stop comparing Sachin with other cricketers. He’s among the greatest sportsmen of all time. Cricket is just the game he plays.

Character Artiste

A look at the man who lurks inside the run machine called Sachin Tendulkar—his unique stamina, his famous humility, his constant disappointment with humanity...

First an Indian

Blood on his face, a fresh-faced boy on the vicious pitches of Pakistan signalled his arrival with two squeaky words, ‘Main khelega’. He stood and he’s still standing. Tall. A paean to the man who epitomises national pride

One Afternoon…

We played carom. If someone made a great connection, Sachin, kissing his own fingertips, would say, “Chumma shot”.


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