Sachin Tendulkar

Rohit Sharma: Count On the Captain

Aditya Iyer

Rohit Sharma’s imperious form could not have come at a better time

Once Upon a Time a Boy Wonder

Tracing the footprints of a genius

A Portrait of Greatness

Sachin Tendulkar played with amazing precision a passion that drives the world’s most populous nation

The Sachin Sutra

Tendulkar turns fifty on April 24. In his long career, he allowed his cricket to do the talking and by believing in himself, he helped india believe in itself

Sachin Left it on the Pitch

Statistics alone cannot explain Tendulkar’s tug on Indian emotions

The Making of a Winner

It’s the art of beating pressure that separates the men from the boys

The Virat Mantra

Kohli gave India the confidence to beat anyone anywhere in the world

Captain India

It is the second most important job in the country and only the few able to withstand its pressures leave a legacy

Cricket: Jewels in the Crown

Reliving India’s Test matches in England down the decades


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